SEE Everything Every Time

Medical-grade lighting in the palm of your hand

Funding Goal is $1.25 million

Equates to 31.1% ownership

Initial investments will earn 150% in 3 to 5 years

Returns are made prior to any management distributions

Sterilized, portable, re-positionable, and bright

At long last, caregivers can see to work.


Introducing the revolutionary new hand-held, hands-free sterile medical exam light. The SEE Light is designed to make medical exams and patient care safer and more efficient than ever before. This proprietary technology ensures that each procedure is well-lit and remains sterile without compromising the safety or comfort of the patient.

The average cost to the hospital to treat a hospital-acquired UTI

The SEE Light is a sterilized LED (light emitting diode) light that can be discreetly adhered to any surface in the clinical field by snapping on an EKG pad. With its 360° pivot and lighting standards similar to those in the operating room, healthcare providers can always have it at hand or in their pocket. This small, lightweight device enables providers to perform discreet and invasive procedures better by ensuring visibility.

The number of patients who die every year from injury or pressure ulcer complications

*Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Light It Up

Environmental factors can affect visibility in challenging clinical settings, making it difficult for healthcare workers to make accurate visual examinations or see enough to perform a procedure. Many times the provider has no control over the available ambient light. Providers often improvise with a penlight, flashlight, or cellphone light.
These random light sources compromise visual exams with poor color balance, brightness variability, reliability issues, and awkwardness. None of these are sterile. Cell phones are notoriously unsanitary. Either can drop into the sterile field. Either is often handled gloves-on during a procedure.
The SEE Light offers the same high-quality medical examination lighting found in operating rooms, with precisely balanced color and light intensity. Pair with its EKG pad, SEE Light turns hands-free with a 360° swivel. It is the perfect solution for healthcare workers looking to improve the lighting source and limit the opportunity for infection.

The annual number of patients in U.S. acute-care facilities suffering from pressure ulcers/injuries

*Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

The Right Tool

Everyone in the field is on guard for hospital-associated infections and costly extended hospital stays that result. The SEE Light works to give providers control of their clinical lighting. Better light may limit nosocomial infections, reduce the waste of sterilized items, and improve patient privacy. Good lighting enables better, safer technique and practice.
Patient comfort is improved with discreet lighting, preserving patients’ sleep and avoiding bright disruptive room lights.
The SEE Light advantages boost staff productivity and enhance patient comfort. It can also help caregivers work more efficiently, reduce waste, and lower the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

Per CDC reports, the number of patients in hospice, long-term nursing care, and home health care in 2018

These benefits contribute to reducing overall expenses, making the SEE Light a wise investment for any healthcare facility.  The SEE Light can pay for itself multiple times over.

Why Invest?

Presently in the U.S., there are 6,090 hospitals and over 9,000 urgent care facilities. Over 1.9 million people use hospice facilities, and over 12,000 use home healthcare agencies. Additionally, in the U.S., there are over 742,000 EMTs and paramedics. Each year, an estimated 6.8 million people in the U.S. donate blood. The tables below reveal in raw numbers the potential adoption space in only Foley catheters and wound care.
While the percentage of the U.S. aging population is increasing, so are the costs of medical care. The pressures on providers to reduce costs while improving their level of care will only strengthen with time.


The SEE light is the only held-held medical exam light engineered for this application in the medical space. Therefore, the market in the U.S. appears sizeable because the SEE Light offers the potential of mitigating both challenges of care and cost.
Although acceptance outside the U.S. have yet to be studied, many developed countries in Asia and Western Europe are also experiencing a growing percentage of aging citizens and burdensome healthcare costs.
No other small lighting device comes sterilized in a protective pouch. No other device is positionable and re-positionable in the sterile field. No other device meets the standards for medical examination lighting. No other device can be attached to a surface to provide light exactly where needed. No other lighting device enables patient care to be more efficient and effective.

The SEE light offers better healthcare outcomes.