Lux, Color Temperature, and the Whole Enchilada

Rated Medical Examination Light

International Standard IEC 60601-2-41 classification

Long-lasting Light

Tested to 8 hours

Made Sterile. Stays Sterile in Sterile Packaging

Tested To Be Trusted

Good patient care is at the center of our mission

SEE Light is a simple, medical-grade examination light. With a 90-color rendition and a 5000k color temperature, SEE Light provides excellent color rendering with a bright, crisp, daylight-like illumination and 1000 lux.
LEDs are versatile semiconductors with attributes that make them perfect for most applications. Their features include:
  • Long Life: LEDs can last over 100,000 hours (10+ years) if used at rated specifications
  • No annoying flicker like from fluorescent lamps
  • LEDs are impervious to heat, cold, shock, and vibration
  • LEDs do not contain breakable glass
  • Solid-State, shock and vibration resistant
  • Extremely fast turn On/Off times
  • Because LEDs are solid-state devices, they do not contain mercury, glass, filaments, or gases.

What is lux? Lux is a measure of illuminance, the total amount of light that falls on the (in our case) procedure site. It is important that engineers understand how to properly specify LED light sources when it comes to critical factors such as rated lifespan. The light is designed to provide 1000 lux (that is light intensity at the procedure site) when placed 6″ from the procedure site.

Classified as a Medical Examination Light, SEE Light offers bright and crisp illumination (5000K) with excellent color rendering (90 CRI). The light is roughly 1″ x 1″, has a 360-degree swivel, and comes in sterile packaging. Following International Standard IEC 60601-2-41 classifications, SEE Light is a medical examination light.

Size: 1″x 1″x.3″

Battery: Lithium, 0.12 volt

Battery Lifespan: 4-hour minimum

Adhesive: 123grams

Hyperallagetic: Yes

Packaging: Sterile

Classification: Medical Examination Light, International Standard IEC 60601-2-41

Light Strength: 1000 lux at 6″

Light Quality: 5000K illumination with 90 CRI color rendering